Points System

Action Points Knuts
Entering a contest 10 5
Placing in a contest - 1st 50 20
Placing in a contest - 2nd 40 15
Placing in a contest - 3rd 30 10
*When a person enters and places they do not receive participation points as well. If someone places twice in the same contest, they only receive point for the highest placing entry and participation points for the other entry.
Debate - 24 Hrs
Participating in a debate 10 5
Additional comments 5 2
Debate - Long
Participating in a debate 10 5
Additional comments 2 1
The above points system is still relevant for clubs, however there are no knuts awarded.
The Order
Completing the weekly assignment   4
Bonus points for completing all assignments within a month 10  
Voting on an application 5  
Voting on all applications within a hogsmeade weekend. 30 15
Specific Communities
Hogwarts Icons*/Flourish & Blotts**
Icons 4  
Bases 2  
Banners/Headers 6  
Wallpapers 10  
Journal layouts*** 20  
Custom fanart (plain/coloured) *** 18/20  
*There are some more conditions related to these points, please see the community FAQ.
** Journal layouts include coding/overrides. journal headers will be treated as banners.
*** Flourish only.
Fanfiction - Drabble (Less than 100 Words) 1 
Fanfiction - Ficlet (Less than 500 Words) 5 
Fanfiction - Fic (More than 500 Words) 10 
Poetry - Less than 100 Words 1 
Poetry - Less than 400 Words 5 
Poetry - More than 400 Words 10 
Fanart - Doodles 1 
Fanart - Pencil Sketch 5 
Fanart - Manipulation 5 
Fanart - Clean Sketch 10 
Fanart - Manipulation (excellent) 10 
Fanart - Finished (digitally) 15 
Fanart - Finished (physical medium) 20 
Any work that is in response to a challenge will receive 5 additional points (with the exception of 1 point items that receive 5 total points).
Writer's Block
Drabbles/Short fics (Less than 250 Words)5 
Fics (Between 250 and 1000 Words)10 
Longer fics (More than 1000 Words)20 
Help to officials Depends. 
Lots of other random occaisons, keep your eyes peeled!! :)   
Point Deductions
Starting Drama **  
Encouraging drama **  
Rule breaking **  
Name calling **  
Being rude to officials **  
Being rude to other members **  
Replying to voting comments **  
Late points 1/minute the points are overdue, up to an hour, then 60 points are deducted and the late points will not be accepted.
** Each of these point deductions are decided based on the severity of the comments/actions and the past history of the offender.
We operate a three strike system. Break the rules three times and we will have to ask you to leave the community.