A Newbie's Primer to The System

Hi there! You're here because you're a brand spankin' new student to Hogwarts is Home! Congratulations, you've been sorted, so now it's time to get you acquainted to... The System.

The System is an automated system of recording activities, keeping track of bonus items, and tallying points. It keeps things nice and neat for the mods to handle and does a lot of the grunt work, like adding points, that would take ages to do by hand.

First things first: you have to get registered. Load up the main page of the System: http://hogwartsishome.com/ It should look something like this:

You'll have to activate your account on the System. Click on 'register'.

The dropdown menu will have your LiveJournal username listed. If it doesn't, you might have to wait a day or two for the voting mod to add it to the System. If you don't see it and you've waited, shoot your prefect or the voting mod a message. (For reference, if you have any problems with the System, contact the mod team [info]hihmod//hih.officials[@]gmail.com.)

Select your name, then fill in your name (given or nickname is completely okay!), a password and your e-mail address. Double-check that everything's okay, then hit 'Register'.

Yay, you have an account! Hit Login, then enter your username and password into the boxes.

You will be automatically redirected back to the front page.

On the right are notes and news from [info]theaeblackthorn, who maintains the System. Don't worry too much about what's written here, you have more important stuff to do!

I think you'll find some items in your owned items! I guess you should explore them ;)

- accountingwitch, 2009